Fiduserve was created by a group of highly motivated, qualified and experienced professionals seeking to establish a Service Firm that would add value to Clients by innovation and differentiation in the way its services are offered, with a mandate to place the client as the centre of its philosophy and approach. After its last restructuring, the Group is operating in its current form since 2008 but its origins date back to 1984. Its long term target is to create and be established as a global fiduciary group, with strong presence in a number of reputable financial services centers that will provide its clients the solutions they seek for effective international tax planning, protection and business opportunities. The Group has identified among other countries and in addition to Cyprus where its headquarters are located, the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, the UK, Luxembourg, India and South Africa as jurisdictions with a stable political and economic climate in which it will establish presence, thereby enhancing its network and business profile for the benefit of its clients.


Fiduserve Management Limited
Licensed Administrative Services Provider by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus
Certificate number: E415/F/2013

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